Grants and Incentives

The Township of Langley is pleased to offer a variety of grants and incentive programs to help enhance the quality of life of residents:

Community Development

The Heritage Building Incentive Program assists with costs associated with the stabilization and exterior restoration, repair, and maintenance of eligible heritage buildings in the Township.

For more information, contact the Community Development Division at 604-533-6034 or

Arts, Culture and Community Initiatives

The Capital Improvement Grant is available to bona fide community halls that exist solely for the use of community residents, and are owned and operated as a Community Hall. 

The Community Grants Program provides grants to non-profit groups and organizations serving the Township and its residents. There are several categories within the Community Grant program, including the Community Grants – General, Minor Festivals Grant, and the Major Festivals Grant. 

The Neighbourhood Initiative Program has been implemented in recognition of the need to assist communities in developing recreational opportunities for their parks on a cost sharing basis with the Township.

The Sport Hosting Incentive Program is designed to encourage Langley's sport organizations, through limited financial assistance, to host provincial, western Canadian, national, and international amateur championship events within the Township of Langley.

For more information on any of the aforementioned grants offered by the Arts, Culture and Community Initiatives Division, call 604-533-6106, or email

Sustainability Grant Pilot Program

The Sustainability Grant Pilot Program helps residents, non-profits, and charities undertake sustainability and climate action focused projects in the Township. All residents and eligible organizations are welcome to apply!


The Home Owner Grant is a provincial program created to reduce the burden of residential property taxes on registered owners who occupy eligible residences.

The grant is available to individuals who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and reside permanently in British Columbia. A home owner is entitled to the grant if they occupy an eligible residence as their principal residence at the time of application. The grant is not automatically given; it must be applied for each year by the municipal property tax due date.

For more information on the Home Owner Grant, contact the Finance Division at 604-533-6005 or