Community Grant

Applications for 2020 have closed.

The Township awards grants annually to registered non-profit groups and organizations serving the municipality and its residents. Applications for funding of special events/ projects must demonstrate the benefit to the Township must involve local residents, and should be held in the Township, or for the benefit of a majority of Township residents. These special events/ projects should promote the identity of Langley and enhance the quality of life for its residents. The maximum grant in this category is $2,500.

Major Festivals Grant

This grant is available to registered non-profit organizations for the purpose of staging major events and festivals. Grants may be available to community based groups located in the Township of Langley who have staged a community event within the Township of Langley in the prior year that attracted an attendance of ten thousand plus residents/visitors.

Minor Festivals Grant

This new grant is available to registered non-profit organizations for the purpose of staging minor events and festivals that do not meet the criteria for the Major Festivals Grant.

Nothing Without Effort Community Matching Grant

The Nothing Without Effort Community Matching Grant honours the Township's historic motto to salute the spirit of its citizens. Public Art projects in this grant category are intended to be initiated, planned, and implemented by community members in partnership with the Township of Langley. Funding is to be matched by individual communities' resources of volunteer labour, donated materials, donated professional service, or cash. A grant is available to any community-based non-profit organization who wished to complete a project as a means of building a stronger community and improving the conditions and appearance of share spaces within their community.

One Nothing Without Effort Grant is available for each of the seven defined communities that comprise the Township of Langley including the Rural Community.

Arts, Culture and Community Initiatives