Grant Criteria

Please review carefully. Applicants must meet the following general grant criteria in order to have their applications considered:

1. Proof of Non-Profit Status

The applicant must be a registered non-profit group or organization serving the Township of Langley, and must provide proof of non-profit status with their application.

2. Financial Disclosure

  • The application must demonstrate that all other avenues of income generation have been pursued.
  • The requested funding must not provide for administrative salaries: preference will be given to groups whose applications show a great deal of volunteer effort.

3. Membership

The majority of the members, volunteers, or directors of an applicant organization must be residents of the Township of Langley, and the majority of the individuals served by the project/ initiative must be residents of the Township of Langley.

4. Community Served

  • Projects and initiatives must be accessible to the general public and must benefit a minimum of 250 Township residents to qualify community organizations for funding.
  • The amount of the grant may be pro-rated from the maximum amount to reflect the percentage of Township of Langley residents benefiting from the project / initiative.

5. Accountability

All grant recipients are required to submit a copy of their most recent AGM minutes, including a list of executives, and a year-in-review report which includes an overview of how Township funding was utilized in the previous year (if applicable).

6. Acknowledgement

All grant recipients are to acknowledge the financial contribution of the Township of Langley on their promotional material and website and must provide proof of such recognition with attached scans of printed materials and exact links to web pages on which the Township is recognized.

7. Project Eligibility

Applications or funding of grants must:

  • Demonstrate benefit to the Township
  • Involve local residents
  • Be held in the Township of Langley
  • Promote the identity of Langley
  • Enhance the quality of life or Township residents

8. Sustainability Goals

Each grant application must directly contribute to the Township’s Sustainability Goals available at