Notice of Claim

Any person using Township websites and social media platforms agrees to the Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, Conditions, and all applicable laws.

If you sustain an injury, loss, or damage to yourself, your home or property, notify your primary insurance carrier (ICBC, property insurer).

The Township does not undertake work on private property to mitigate damages that have occurred or are continuing to occur. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take the necessary action to mitigate such damages on your property.

Subject to the Terms of Use, download and fill out a Notice of Claim form, which can also be obtained at the Customer Service counter at the Civic Facility.

You should be aware of sections 735 and 736 of the Local Government Act, RSBC 2015, which contain, among other things, certain requirements with respect to possible claims against a municipality, such as the Township of Langley.

Section 735 provides, in part, that all actions against a municipality, such as the Township of Langley, for the unlawful doing of anything that (a) is purported to have been done by the municipality under the powers conferred by an Act; and (b) might have been lawfully done by the municipality if acting in the manner established by law, must be commenced within six (6) months after the cause of action first arose.

Section 736 provides, in part, that a municipality, such as the Township of Langley, is not liable for damages unless notice in writing, setting out the time, place and manner in which the damage has been sustained, is delivered to the municipality within two (2) months from the date on which the damage was sustained.  

Upon receipt of your completed Notice of Claim form, the Risk Management Department will:

  • acknowledge receipt of notice
  • investigate the incident