Age-friendly Strategy

The Township is updating the 2014 Age-friendly Strategy with a new Age- and Dementia-friendly Action Plan.

An age-friendly community is a place where people can enjoy all stages of life, and live with dignity, respect, and independence. In age-friendly communities, policies, programs, services and infrastructure related to physical and social environments are designed to address the needs of all residents. 

In September 2014, Council approved the Age-friendly Strategy, which provides strategies to create healthy, liveable communities that are welcoming to all ages. Age-friendly Seal

Based on the work undertaken as part of the Age-friendly Strategy, in June 2015, the Seniors’ Healthy Living Secretariat of the Provincial Ministry of Health formally recognized the Township as an age-friendly community under the Age-friendly BC Recognition program.

2019 Age-friendly Strategy Progress Report

The 2019 Age-friendly Strategy Progress Report was prepared to monitor and report on the implementation of the Age-friendly Strategy.  Since the implementation of the Strategy began in 2016:

  • 10 short term strategies have been completed and 10 short term strategies are in progress (representing 100 percent of the 20 short term strategies)
  • 4 medium term strategies have been completed and 10 medium term strategies are in progress (representing 88 percent of the 16 medium term strategies)
  • 1 long term strategy has been completed and 5 long term strategies are in progress (representing 55 percent of the 11 long term strategies)

Age-friendly Strategy Implementation Plan

Finalized in November 2015, the Age-friendly Strategy Implementation Plan advances the Township’s Age-friendly Strategy by updating and refining the strategies and providing clear, straight-forward actions. The implementation plan provides guidance for future policy development that will address the opportunities and challenges faced by an aging community.

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