Age-Friendly Strategy

An age-friendly community is a place where people can enjoy all stages of life, and live with dignity, respect, and independence. In age-friendly communities, policies, programs, services and infrastructure related to physical and social environments are designed to address the needs of all residents. Age-friendly communities are built through a process of community development and collaboration with governments, businesses, community organizations, and individuals working together as partners.

The Age-Friendly Strategy  provides a framework for healthy, liveable communities that are welcoming to all ages. 

Age-Friendly Strategy Implementation Plan

Age Friendly StrategyBuilding on previous work, this Age-friendly Strategy Implementation Plan advances the Township’s age-friendly objectives by updating and refining the strategies and providing clear, straight-forward actions. In doing so, the Implementation Plan provides a set of tools, practices, and approaches that will create physical and social environments that support active living for all residents, and enable older adults to continue contributing in all aspects of community life. The implementation plan provides guidance for future policy development that will address the opportunities and challenges faced by an aging community.

The Process

In May 2013, Council passed resolutions toward its commitment to becoming an Age-friendly Community, and designated the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) as the Age-friendly Advisory Steering Committee. Building on an existing age-friendly evaluation in 2010 and other policies, programs and practices, key issues and opportunities were identified through workshops that targeted stakeholders, partner agencies, members of SAC and Youth Advisory Committee, and the general public. The information and ideas gathered from the workshops served as the foundation for the development of strategy. Public feedback was presented at a series of events in the Township, with results documented in the consultation summary. In June 2015, the Seniors' Healthy Living Secretariat of the Ministry of Health formally recognized the Township as an age-friendly community under the Age-Friendly BC Recognition program.