Ecological Services Initiative

The Township of Langley is spearheading the first program of its kind on B.C.’s west coast to assist farmers in maintaining eco-friendly areas on their lands. Such practices can be costly and the Ecological Services Initiative (ESI) was created to help farmers bear the cost of keeping waterways, forests, and other ecologically sensitive areas clean and healthy for current and future generations.

The Langley Sustainable Agriculture Foundation (LSAF) is partnering with the Township of Langley to run the Langley ESI pilot project, a farmer-led program that supports financial incentives for agricultural producers who contribute to a healthy ecosystem. Maintaining areas to include practices such as a clean water supply, erosion control, pest management, and habitat preservation creates sustainable food production that benefits everyone. The program also helps the Township achieve its sustainability objectives.

What is Langley ESI?

The Langley Ecological Services Initiative (ESI) is a pilot project working with local farmers to protect and enhance natural areas on their land. These natural areas, including streams and wetlands that filter fresh water, and forests that clean the air, provide critical “ecological services” that benefit us all.

How does ESI work?

ESI rewards local farmers that take extraordinary actions to protect and enhance natural areas on their farms. These actions can be costly, so ESI assists farmers with these costs. By helping hard working farmers who look after their land, the land can continue to work for all of us.

Langley Pilot Project

The Langley Sustainable Agriculture Foundation (LSAF) is leading a 3 year ESI pilot project in the Township of Langley. This pilot, which started in January 2016 and is expected to end July 2018, involves 10 farms along Bertrand Creek in South Aldergrove. Bertrand Creek was chosen for this pilot project based on the intensity of farming activity in the area and the presence of species-at-risk in the creek.

The Langley pilot is part of a farmer-led provincial project working towards establishing a long-term ESI program.