Arts and Cultural Services Plan

Vision and Mission


The Township of Langley is committed to the enrichment of an arts and cultural community that creates a diversity of opportunities for future generations.


To support and encourage partnerships that contribute to a diverse arts and cultural community.


Five goals were created:

  1. Create new spaces and maximize existing spaces for arts and culture to thrive.
  2. Improve communications among all artists and arts and culture groups in the area.
  3. Establish new collaborations, connections & partnerships among arts and cultural stakeholders.
  4. Ensure diversity of programming is included in service delivery through creative marketing.
  5. Promote culturally age-relevant arts and cultural experiences.


  1. Establish new collaborations, connections and partnerships among arts and cultural stakeholders that allow art to thrive in all its forms.
  2. Develop media partnerships to broadly market arts and cultural events, recruit participants, partners, sponsors and volunteers, and assist with bidding for festivals and events.
  3. Establish new connections among artists, and arts and cultural groups, with local municipal cultural planning staff
  4. Support the sustainability and diversity of arts and cultural service organizations in the municipality
  5. Develop the specialized capabilities of cultural services staff within the Township of Langley.
  6. Increase reach of arts and cultural information to all stakeholders through creative marketing.
  7. Promote accessibility to arts and cultural activities for all residents.
  8. Ensure First Nations contributions to arts and cultural planning in the Township are ongoing.
  9. Maximize existing places for arts and culture to thrive.
  10. Create new spaces for arts and culture to thrive.
  11. Ensure an environment that demands excellence.
  12. Stimulate economic & cultural growth through increased investment.
  13. Establish a public art policy that could include a formula for a funding contribution encompassing both private and public property.
  14. Establish a Cultural Roundtable or Summit to include participation by all artists, the Township's Cultural Services Manager, and selected members of the business community.