Economic Development Strategy

Vision and Mission


The Township of Langley is the premier place to live, work, and invest. Diverse communities thrive in a harmonized urban-rural setting, where balanced land use recognizes our heritage while meeting the needs of a growing employment base. The Langley economy generates more jobs than required by our working residents by leveraging our traditional industries and diversifying into emerging sectors. Increased development densities have created a major town centre, fostered by quality transit and transportation infrastructure, high quality community amenities, and exceptional recreation features.


The Economic Development Department helps to attract, retain, and grow industry, investment, and jobs in the Township of Langley. As the central voice of economic development, we directly serve Township Council and assist residents, taxpayers, local businesses, and those from outside the community who are interested in visiting or investing. Our major roles are researching economic issues and opportunities, encouraging the development of existing and potential businesses, promoting the community, and attracting new sources of investment and economic activity.


  1. Help create additional jobs so that there are more jobs than working residents to maintain employment opportunities for local workers
  2. Maintain the diversity of the local economy by helping existing companies to expand and by attracting new industries
  3. Facilitate infrastructure improvement that contributes to economic development
  4. Contribute to town centre development
  5. Help create a learning community
  6. Enhance quality of life for Langley residents

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