Food Hub Feasibility Study


The Township of Langley, with the assistance of the Agricultural Advisory Committee, is preparing a Food Hub Feasibility Study to assess the needs of local small/medium food producers, and their customers.

Food hubs are integrated facilities to process, package, store, distribute, and sell local food. They support a wide range of activities, including farmers markets, food warehousing and distribution, (online) brokering and logistics, commercial kitchens (for food processing and preparation), and restaurants.

The Food Hub Feasibility Study is part of the Agricultural Viability Strategy, which has an emphasis to provide the required services and infrastructure to enhance the agri-food industry in Langley. The Feasibility Study is being conducted in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Provide Community context for a food hub in Langley Phase 1 - it will provide an overview of the context of the project, how the concept was initiated, what has been done to advance the concept, and what are its long term vision and benefits for the community.
  • Phase 2: Develop the food hub concepts and identify community interest - Phase 2 will focus on research on food hub best practices, and needs of local food producers and buyers. Food hub concepts will be proposed based on feedback from local stakeholders, and identify potential local partners.
  • Phase 3: Test feasibility of food hub options - Phase 3 will test financial and operational feasibility of the food hub concepts and make practical recommendations on a food hub and its components.

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