Heritage Strategy


The Heritage Strategy defines a ten-year plan that is a reflection of Langley’s unique history, its communities and its way of life that will enhance the sustainability and long-term viability of heritage resources in the Township. The natural, cultural and built heritage of Langley defines its identity, gives it a distinct character, and contributes to the residents’ quality of life. The Heritage Strategy respects these cherished values, and embeds them in its recommendations.

The Vision of this Plan has been derived from consultation with the broader community, and reflects a community values-based approach to heritage resource management. The Heritage Strategy has been based on an analysis of the existing challenges and opportunities through consultation with Township staff, community stakeholders, heritage program participants and the general public. A number of significant community values emerged from the program of community consultation that forms the foundation of the Plan’s recommendations. Through the various stakeholder and community meetings and workshops, the following vision was developed for the Township’s heritage program:

A Vision for Langley's Heritage to 2022 and Beyond

The Township of Langley will support the sustainable development of our urban structure and our rural areas through a heritage resource management program that assists in the development of a complete community. As we plan for Langley’s future, we will respect our past by providing a balance for new development that recognizes the importance of our historic communities, our rural lands and our natural landscapes.

Langley’s past, present and future will be connected through community celebrations, partnerships and heritage activities that will preserve our tangible and intangible heritage resources, provide educational opportunities and enrich the lives of our citizens and visitors.


The following Goals, and their supporting Actions, will provide a renewed focus for the Township of Langley’s Heritage Program:

  1. Provide Municipal Leadership in Heritage Conservation
  2. Promote Heritage Conservation as a Sustainability Activity
  3. Link Heritage Conservation and Economic Development
  4. Celebrate Langley's Unique Heritage
  5. Protect Langley's Rural Lands
  6. Foster Community Partnerships
  7. Update Heritage Policies in an Integrated Planning Framework
  8. Make Heritage Information Accessible
  9. Pursue Funding Opportunities to Advance Heritage Program Components


The implementation of the Heritage Strategy will unfold over time, through the combined efforts of the Township, stakeholders, individuals and community partnerships. The implementation process will benefit from a coordinated community effort to advance the goals of heritage conservation. The Implementation Plan provides a road map for how the goals of the Heritage Strategy can be prioritized, who can take the lead and who can provide support for each proposed Action, and what resources will be required for success.

Implementation of the Heritage Strategy will support many other aspects of Township policy, including planning and development policies as outlined in the: