Smart Cities Challenge

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City  strives to leverage technology as a way to improve the quality of life for its residents resulting in potential social/cultural, economic, and environmental benefits.

Look at some of the ways that the Township of Langley is already leveraging technology to achieve positive outcomes for our residents:

The Township of Langley provides free Wi-Fi at all of its civic and recreation facilities.
The Township of Langley offers EV Level 2 charging and a DC Fast Charger at a number of locations. Learn more about Electric Vehicles.
Our Open Data catalogue aims to increase the availability of information managed by the Township of Langley by providing data in common, machine readable formats.
Endorsed by Council in 2013, the Township of Langley eGovernment strategy is a multi-faceted roadmap that has resulted in the implementation of platform technologies that enhance digital interactions and electronic communication between the municipality and its citizens. A cornerstone element of the strategy is the implementation of a centralized identity management solution for the public.

Smart Cities Challenge

The Kwantlen First Nation  and Township of Langley are working to submit a joint application for the Infrastructure Canada Smart Cities Challenge , a nationwide competition encouraging cities to share their best ideas to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. 

The timing is right for stories of the Kwantlen and Indigenous people in Canada to be told, to be explained and understood in ways that were not possible previously. Technology is a key component in delivering this traditional knowledge, engaging communities both locally and beyond our common borders.

The people of Kwantlen First Nation are tireless in their efforts to provide a better world for future generations. In the same spirit, the Township of Langley, through its Sustainability Charter works to lead with responsible custodianship and respect for the land through its citizens and community leaders to build a livable, healthy, and happy community.

Together, we see an opportunity of ensuring an ongoing legacy of truth and reconciliation through technology that will help us work together as letsemot (one mind/one heart) and tselhxwelmew (family) to tell our stories and show respect for the solhtemexw (sacred land) we share to ensure the survival of our environment for future generations to enjoy.

Get involved!

We are looking for ideas that can be included in our application that are broad and connect our past to the future, so that generations to come will know the language, history, traditions, and culture of Indigenous people while embracing a smart cities approach through openness, integration, transferability, and collaboration.

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