Sustainability Charter

The Sustainability Charter, adopted by Council on June 23, 2008, is the result of research, expert advice, and community input. It presents a vision of the community that meets the social/cultural, economic, and environmental needs of current residents, while ensuring that those needs can continue to be met for future residents.

The Charter should inspire all residents to think, make decisions, and act with an eye to the future as they go about their daily lives.

The Vision

  • to build a legacy for future generations by leading and committing the community to a lifestyle that is socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally balanced.

The Principles

  • Leadership: Council will provide leadership for a sustainable future.
  • Long Term Commitment: Council will focus on enhancing the quality of life of the current generation, and leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.
  • Community Involvement: Council believes that open, inclusive, and consultative community involvement is vital to effective decision making.
  • Regular Reporting: Council will implement a plan for the Sustainability Charter as part of its annual budget process, and will report progress in achieving the Sustainability Goals on an annual basis.

The Goals

  • celebrate our heritage
  • protect our people and properties
  • build corporate and community capacity
  • provide and support community-based leisure opportunities
  • nurture a mindset of sustainability
  • achieve fiscal stability and fiscal health
  • develop livable and vibrant communities
  • strengthen our economy
  • invest in effective infrastructure
  • integrate transportation into community planning
  • conserve and enhance our environment
  • increase biodiversity and natural capital
  • respect our rural character and rural heritage
  • reduce energy consumption
  • promote stewardship

To learn more about the Township of Langley’s sustainability initiatives, see Sustainable Municipality and the Official Community Plan.