Housing Action Plan Update

The Township is updating the 2013 Housing Action Plan to explore new opportunities for encouraging a diverse and affordable supply of housing in the community.

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Project Overview

In 2013, Council endorsed the Township’s first Housing Action Plan, which includes over 50 actions that aim to encourage a diverse and affordable supply of housing. Major initiatives undertaken as part of the implementation of the 2013 Plan include:

  • Addition of policy in the updated Official Community Plan that provides for consideration of density bonusing and parking relaxations for affordable housing projects (on a project-by project basis)
  • Adoption of the Development Cost Charge (DCC) Waiver Bylaw that waives DCCs for eligible affordable housing projects
  • Adoption of the Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) Policy that exempts eligible affordable housing projects and directs a portion of the contributions to an Affordable Housing Reserve Fund   

The Housing Action Plan update will build on such initiatives and explore new actions that address findings of the 2020 Housing Needs Report. Township action will reflect its role and resources as a local government in addressing housing challenges. It is currently anticipated that the Plan update will be complete by December 2021.

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