Our Social Sustainability Goals and Objectives

The Township’s Sustainability Charter, which presents a vision of the community that meets the social/cultural, economic, and environmental needs of current residents, while ensuring that those needs can continue to be met for future residents, outlines the following social goals and objectives:

Protect our People and their Properties
  • Prevent crime and reduce the effects of crime

  • Prevent fire and minimize losses

  • Prepare for emergencies and disasters

  • Foster a preventative approach to personal and community safety

  • Provide consistent and effective bylaw enforcement

Build Corporate and Community Capacity
  • Commit to good governance by democratic means

  • Maintain a high performance work force

  • Recognize our cultural and ethnic diversity

  • Encourage and promote active volunteerism

  • Monitor changes in community values, aspirations and needs

  • Respond to community and social needs

Provide and Support Community Based Leisure Opportunities
  • Provide parks, open space and recreation facilities

  • Nourish the arts as an expression of cultural value

  • Improve personal well-being and celebrate community spirit

  • Deliver recreation programming and support community services

  • Form partnerships to maximize leisure opportunities


The Township’s Official Community Plan (OCP), which provides a long-term vision for sustainable growth and development, outlines the following social objectives and includes a number of related polices:


  • Provide tools and incentives to encourage affordable housing options, including rental, social, and emergency housing, for all who need them
  • Ensure each community provides a diverse range of housing types, tenures, densities, and sizes to meet the needs of the population
  • Address the scope of special-needs housing in the community

Inclusion and Involvement

  • Seek to involve all residents in civic affairs and community life
  • Consider the social well-being of all residents, especially the elderly, the young and those with special needs

Health and Leisure

  • Facilitate healthy and active living
  • Increase urban agriculture activity
  • Improve access to facilities, programs, and services

Emergency Response and Public Safety

  • Create communities that support personal and public safety

For more information about our various social sustainability initiatives, visit our social sustainability page.