Social Sustainability Strategy

Working together to create a socially sustainable Township.

The Township is preparing a Social Sustainability Strategy to ensure that current and future generations can enjoy the best quality of life possible. Exploring issues like housing, food security, public safety, health and wellness, arts and culture, and lifelong learning, this Strategy will provide the groundwork for the Township’s actions on social issues over the next decade.   

Join us in preparing this Strategy – our success depends on all of us.

Upcoming Events and Latest News

Thank you to everyone that provided their input on our community’s strengths, challenges, goals, and priorities during the most recent phases of the process to prepare the Social Sustainability Strategy. Between March and June 2018, we conducted 7 different types of engagement activities, resulting in over 1,200 interactions with local residents and stakeholders.

Based on the input received, it is clear that we have a number of things to celebrate. Community members identified our high quality community centres, abundant parks and trails, strong local economy, and growing cultural diversity as some of our key strengths. It is also clear though that our community is facing various challenges. Issues related to affordable housing, transportation, and community safety emerged as some of the key priorities for action.

A detailed summary of the public input received during the initial phases of the project is provided in the Phase 1 and 2 Engagement Summary . This input, together with other research, will help us draft a vision statement and set of goals that we will present back to community members for feedback.

Project Overview

The Social Sustainability Strategy is intended to help guide the Township’s decisions and resource allocations on social issues over the next ten years. The Strategy will:

  • Identify the Township’s goals and priorities related to social issues;
  • Provide appropriate strategies and actions to work towards those goals; and
  • Clarify the Township’s roles and responsibilities on social issues.

The Township can play a key role in improving the quality of life of its residents, but its jurisdiction and funding for the delivery of social services is limited.  As a result, our success in addressing social issues will depend on collaboration with community organizations and other levels of government.   

The social issues that may be explored as part of the project include:

  • children, youth, and family issues
  • age-friendly / seniors issues
  • housing (including homelessness)
  • economic security / poverty reduction
  • food security
  • health and wellness (including mental health and substance abuse)
  • community engagement and involvement
  • social interaction and community building
  • arts, culture, and entertainment
  • public safety
  • lifelong learning
  • accessibility, diversity, and inclusion

The two-year process to prepare the Social Sustainability Strategy involves five phases.    

For more information about the process, please see Report to Council 17-112 


Get Involved and Stay Connected

The preparation of the Social Sustainability Strategy will include multiple opportunities for local residents and stakeholders to provide their input and contributions. To receive updates on the Social Sustainability Strategy, including opportunities for public and stakeholder input, please sign-up for My Notifications and select Social Sustainability.

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Report to Council 17-112: Social Sustainability Strategy – Terms of Reference