Located in the heart of Lower Mainland British Columbia, the Langley Regional Airport (YNJ) is a centre of excellence for helicopter and general aviation business. Welcoming up to 100,000 rotary and fixed-wing traffic movements per year, YNJ is also a world-renowned business centre of excellence for rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

About us

Langley Regional Airport has integrated itself with the local communities of the Township of Langley and the City of Langley. It has earned a reputation as a progressive community-owned airport. Langley Regional Airport has become a destination for aerospace jobs, high-tech business and the service industry. Its 120 acres of commercial and recreational lands have experienced unprecedented growth throughout the past few years.

The airport continues to evolve and keep pace with the local community, it strives to maintain and keep its reputation as the best community airport in the province.

The Langley Regional Airport is home to the Canadian Museum of Flight which boasts an impressive collection of rare aircraft and aviation artifacts. The Airport is also home to the Royal Canadian Air Cadets 746 Squadron.

There are few better places to establish your aviation business, park your airplane, or visit than Langley Regional Airport. We are located 20 kilometres from the US border and 45 minutes by car from Vancouver. Located in the heart of the lower mainland, in the Township of Langley, Langley Regional Airport has unparalleled access to highways, local and regional businesses and affordable housing.

Langley Regional Airport

  • A Centre of Excellence for the Aerospace industry
  • Home to 55 aviation related businesses
  • Home to Standard Aero Ltd, Heli-Welders Canada and RCMP Air Services
  • Heavy Helicopter Maintenance and Overhaul
  • Fixed wing structures, avionics overhaul and maintenance
  • Fixed wing and helicopter flight training


Located in the heart of British Columbia's Lower Mainland, Langley Regional Airport (YNJ) is only 20 kilometres from the US border, 23 kilometres to Abbotsford International Airport (YXX), and 52 kilometres to Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Address: 5385 - 216 Street, Township of Langley BC, Canada, V2Y 2N3

Region: Located in the Metro Vancouver Regional District and neighbouring the Fraser Valley Regional District. Centrally located in the heart of Lower Mainland British Columbia.

  • Coordinates: 49°06′03″N122°37′51″W
  • Magnetic Variation: Adjust to 19 degrees East
  • Elevation: 34' / 11.28m
  • Time Zone: UTC -8(7) Pacific Standard Time (PST) • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC−07:00)


Distances (by car)

Border crossingsKilometresMiles

Aldergrove border crossing to Lynden



Abbotsford border crossing to Sumas



Pacific Highway truck crossing to Blaine



Peace Arch border crossing to Blaine






Abbotsford International Airport



Vancouver International Airport



Neighbouring cities















Airport overview

Helicopter repair

Langley Regional Airport (YNJ) is a general aviation airport, providing non-scheduled flight operations for commercial and private aircraft operators. It is one of the busiest rotary wing airports in the country, welcoming up to 80,000 rotary and fixed-wing air traffic movements per year. It is also internationally-recognized as a centre of excellence for aerospace technology and rotary wing overhaul ad maintenance, and it boasts one of the highest concentrations of helicopter businesses in Canada.

With more than 120 acres, YNJ is home to more than 350 rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft and about 55 aviation and aerospace businesses providing everything from chartered rotary and fixed-wing flights to parts manufacturing and overhaul/maintenance.

In operation since 1945, Langley Regional Airport was a former Royal Canadian Air Force airport, later leased and then purchased by the Township in 1967. The airport has grown significantly since the early years and today it provides more than 200,000 square feet of industrial/hangar/office space with more than $15 million having been invested in recent site improvements. 

Langley Regional Airport has become a desirable destination for investment because of its central location in the Lower Mainland, proximity to Vancouver, access to transportation infrastructure, world-class amenities, great quality of life, and affordable housing and commercial lease rates — in fact YNJ has one of the most competitive lease rates in the Lower Mainland.

Pilots also continue to choose Langley Regional Airport because of its general aviation friendly approach and its ongoing commitment to support aviators and the community.


Airport highlights

  • Helicopter repairNav Canada tower – 1 of 37 towers in the country 
  • Region represents 33% of all flying the country.
  • Up to 80,000 air traffic movements — higher than some Canadian provinces!
  • Open to the public; general aviation friendly
  • Certified for day and night VFR Operations
  • 3 Helicopter pads and 6 helicopter parking spots
  • 2 paved runways. For detailed operating information, refer to a current issue of the Canada flight supplement.
  • Fuel services
  • Fixed wing visitor parking and tie-downs
  • 55 businesses
  • Airport businesses: 870+ employees
  • Fixed wing and helicopter training schools

Aircraft repair

Business centre overview

Langley Regional Airport is home to a thriving business centre. There are 55 businesses located at the airport, about 33 focus on helicopters and the remaining 22 service fixed-wing aircraft needs. Such notable organizations as Standard Aerospace, Heli-Welders, CanWest Aerospace and RCMP Air Services have attracted many supporting businesses, making Langley Regional Airport a leader in aviation technology and services. 

Repair, maintenance, and overall services 

  • Heavy helicopter maintenance and overhaul
  • Fixed wing structures, avionics overhaul and maintenance
  • Design fabrication, repair, painting, maintenance, and finishing for all fixed and rotary wing aircraft

Flight training

Flight training

  • Fixed wing full flight training
  • Rotary wing full flight training

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Agricultural services

  • Agricultural spraying
  • Greenhouse snow removal

Health and safety services

  • Air ambulance
  • 24/7 medical response for vital organs
  • RCMP air services
  • Forest fire suppression


Transport and lifting services

  • Heavy lift logging
  • Industrial heavy lifting
  • Pipeline and hydro patrol
  • Charter flights for product transport


  • Charter flights – air taxi and sightseeing

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