The Township of Langley Fire Department (TLFD) serves a large population spread across 316 square kilometres (122 sq. miles) and protects various residential, commercial, light and heavy industrial in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

The Department is a combination of career and paid-call service consisting of approximately 100 career staff and 100 paid-call members. Fire protection and backup emergency medical services are provided to the citizens of the Township from seven fire halls located throughout the Township.

The general categories of emergency response for the Department include fire suppression, medical aid, motor vehicle incidents, and special operations (confined space rescue, large animal rescue, and airport rescue).

Delve into the links below for the Township of Langley Fire Department's history, administration, and international accreditation, or find our frequently asked questions.


Discover how the Township of Langley Fire Department's international accreditation ensures superior service, resource deployment, and community safety.

Administration and history

Explore the leadership, organizational divisions, and evolution of the Township of Langley Fire Department on our Administration and History page.

Mission, vision and values

Learn more about our mission to protect life, property, and the environment in the Township of Langley, as well as our vision and values.

Frequently asked questions

Can you tell me how far the closest fire hall/hydrant is to my house? (For insurance purposes)
Insurance companies have to contact the Fire Underwriter Survey to obtain this information for insurance purposes. Brokers and residents cannot access this information.
Can we stop by the fire hall to visit our local firefighters?
Unfortunately, the firefighters are not always at the fire halls. The TLFD hosts annual Open Houses for residents to come and visit.
Can you come and get my cat out of the tree?
Most of the time, cats will come down from trees on their own when they are hungry. We suggest placing a light-coloured blanket at the base of the tree with some tuna or their favourite food.
My smoke alarm is beeping but there is no smoke. What should I do?
Smoke alarms expire after 10 years so if they are approaching that age, they should be replaced.
My neighbour is constantly burning – what can I do about it?
Call 911.
I smell gas – what should I do?
Evacuate the building and call 911.
Can I have a fire pit in my backyard?
Only natural gas, propane or briquette appliances that are CSA approved are permitted to be used in the Township of Langley.
When is the burning season?
See the Burning Permits page for more information.
Where can I take my fire extinguisher to be recharged or disposed of?
Any fire and safety equipment supplier.
Can you check my baby's car seat?
No, we do not check car seats; however, you can refer to the BCAA.