Asher’s Crew

Introducing Asher the Fire Dog! Asher was named by a class of elementary school students. Read more.

Hi! I’m Asher, the newest member of the Township of Langley Fire Department. My mission? Keeping everyone safe and sound. From lending a paw to the firefighters, to teaching children how to stop, drop and roll, to showing families the importance of having working smoke alarms, I’m always on duty! I love being out in the community so be sure to watch out for me at community events around the Township!

Asher - mascot

About Asher the Fire Dog

  • Name: Asher
  • Birthplace: Langley, BC
  • Became a TLFD Member: 2024
  • TLFD Position: Fire Safety Mascot
  • Favourite Colour: Red
  • Favourite Treat: Fire hydrant shaped cookies
  • Favourite TV Shows: Paw Patrol, Rescue Heroes, and Fireman Sam
  • Signature Dance Move: Safety Shuffle
  • Likes: Attending community events, teaching fire safety, helping firefighters, playing fetch, going on adventures in the fire engines, and meeting new people.

Where Asher will be next:

The History of Fire Dogs

In the late 1700s, fire dogs were needed to run alongside horse-drawn fire wagons and help protect the horses and firefighters. Dalmatians were the perfect fire dog as they were full of energy, had long legs and were great with horses. While firefighters extinguished fires, the fire dog stayed with the horses and helped keep them calm and safe.

Today, some fire departments still have dalmatians, but they are not the only dog you can find in a fire hall. These days, any size, shape or breed of dog can be a fire dog – and be a mascot, work as an arson dog or therapy dog within fire departments.


Parents, find resources for reinforcing fire safety at home, including activity sheets, colouring and more! Visit Sparky’s Schoolhouse for Families.

Kids can explore and learn about fire safety at Sparky the Fire Dog’s website.