salishan Place by the River currently maintains a collection of over 9000 photographs, 2000 archival documents, 9000 objects, 500 works of art and 300 oral history recordings. 

This collection, spanning hundreds of years, is a wonderful window on the past and present life of our community.

The Process: Deaccessioning Museum Collections

salishan Place by the River (formerly Langley Centennial Museum) maintains professional standards for its collection of more than 23,000 items. Staff carefully review the collection and all documentation to ensure that items have relevance to the stories of the municipality (provenance).

Occasionally, items may be considered for deaccessioning (permanent removal of an item from the collection) due to condition or lack of provenance to improve the integrity and quality of the collection. Deaccessioning is a multi-step process that is carefully considered by the curatorial staff and Museum Advisory Group. Items considered for deaccessioning are researched by staff before review by the Curators. The Museum Advisory Group then evaluates and makes recommendations before it is reviewed by the Director of Recreation, Arts and Culture.

Deaccession procedures are made in accordance with the Museum’s Collection Policy and with the Canadian Museums Association Deaccessioning Guidelines. Deaccessioned items may be transferred to another public institution or, if unsuccessful, sold at public auction. Proceeds from any sale will be used for costs associated with collections care.  


Staff considerations for deaccessioning:

  • Provenance: Does the item have a connection to the community or fill a gap in
    the stories of the community?
  • Condition: Has the item deteriorated beyond the point of usefulness for display or educational purposes?
  • Duplication: Are there duplicate items that are in better condition or provide a more accurate representation?

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